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Relevant legislation and regulations
The Youth Court of South Australia
Jurisdiction and powers
The judiciary of the Youth Court
The criminal jurisdiction of the Youth Court
Youth Court Rules
Magistrates Court Rules 1992
Youth Court Practice Directions
Confidentiality of Proceedings
Closed court
Reporting restrictions on court proceedings
Applying for a suppression order
Reporting restrictions on police cautions and family conferences
The Young Offenders Act 1993 (SA)
Terminology used in the Young Offenders Act 1993
Youth Justice Administration Act 2016
Training Centre Visitor
Charter of Rights
Assessment on admission to a training centre
Management and treatment of training centre residents
Safe rooms
Prohibited treatment
Use of force
Pre-court diversion for minor offences
Minor offence
Informal police caution
Formal police caution
The nature of a formal police caution
Powers and sanctions available in relation to a formal police caution
Failure to comply with a formal police caution
Family conference
The nature of a family conference
Powers and sanctions available to a family conference
Failure to comply with a family conference
Court proceedings
Commencement of prosecution
Jurisdiction to hear and determine criminal matters
Criminal investigation and arrest
Youth Court bail instructions
The role of a Department of Child Protection officer
Placement into suitable accommodation
Conditions of Youth Court bail agreements
Sentencing considerations
Social Background Report
Power to impose a custodial sentence
A sentence of home detention
Suspending a custodial sentence
Power to impose an obligation
Undertaking from guardians
Community Service
Power to disqualify from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence
Remittance or reduction of court fees
Record of appearance kept
Detention provisions
Conditional release from a training centre
Transfer to prison from a youth detention centre
Specialist intervention programs
Youth Court Diversion Program
Youth CARDS (Youth Court Assessment and Referral Drug Scheme)
The civil jurisdiction of the Youth Court
The Children’s Protection Act 1993
The objects of the Children’s Protection Act 1993
State intervention for children “at risk”
Definition of “abuse or neglect”
Notification of abuse or neglect
Removal of children in danger
Investigation and assessment orders
Adjournment of investigation and assessment applications
Failure to comply with an order
No appeal
Voluntary custody agreements
Procedures for long term intervention
Family Care Meetings
Care and Protection Orders
Time limits upon lodgement of application to commencement of trial
Persons with qualifying offences
Legal representation