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Duty solicitors are responsible for visiting the prisons to offer advice on a wide range of matters. Yatala Labour Prison, the Adelaide Remand Centre and Port Augusta Prison are visited every week. The Adelaide Women’s Prison is visited fortnightly. Prisoners from the Mobilong Prison who request advice are contacted through audio visual link as required. Otherwise the Mobilong Prison and James Nash House are visited as required, by other solicitors from the Legal Services Commission’s Criminal Law Practice Division rather than the regular duty solicitors. All solicitors visiting South Australian prisons can be guided by the Professional Visits Guide.

Queries from prisoners range from advice about a pending criminal matter or about help to arrange representation, to family law issues like trying to arrange contact with children while in prison, and issues about the prison system itself, such as tracing missing property or attending an impending hearing before a visiting justice. Other issues may include child protection, victims of crime and civil law matters [see Sentencing chapter]. The advice provided by duty solicitors is limited to criminal related matters, however the Advice Section of the Commission provides a separate prison advice service with staff visiting the prisons to offer advice on a wide range of non-criminal matters including family law, child support and child protection.

Sometimes duty solicitors will be able to answer a question on the spot. If not, they should make sure that they follow up the matter and send an answer to the prisoner by letter, or contact the prisoner personally by way of a quick visit next time they attend the prison (as long as this is not too far into the future). Duty solicitors should remember that they are often the only person who can help prisoners with matters “on the outside”. Duty solicitors should note that it can be frustrating for prisoners not to be able to arrange their own affairs because of restrictions on using the phone and lack of resources.

Where are prisons located in South Australia?

There are a number of metropolitan and country prisons in South Australia as follows:

Adelaide Remand Centre (ARC)
208 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: (08) 8216 3200
Facsimile: (08) 8231 3425

The Adelaide Remand Centre accommodates remand and/or sentenced prisoners who are transported to the courts on a daily basis.

Yatala Labour Prison
Peter Brown Drive Northfield SA 5085
Telephone: (08) 8262 2421
Facsimile: (08) 8260 3350

The Yatala Labour Prison is the metropolitan induction and reception prison for remand and/or sentenced adult male prisoners. It is a medium to high security prison, but also accommodates low security prisoners.

Adelaide Women's Prison
Grand Junction Road Northfield SA 5085
Telephone: (08) 8343 0100
Facsimile: (08) 8343 0141

The Adelaide Women's Prison is part of the Northfield Prison complex, formerly known as the the Northfield Women's Prison or the Women's Rehabilitation Centre. This prison accommodates women on remand and women serving sentences of imprisonment.

Cadell Training Centre
Boden Road Cadell SA 5321
Telephone: (08) 8540 3600
Facsimile: (08) 8540 3620

The Cadell Training Centre is a low security adult male prison farm in the Riverland.

Port Lincoln Prison
Pound Lane Port Lincoln SA 5606
Telephone: (08) 8683 0766
Facsimile: (08) 8682 2906
Mobilong Prison
Maurice Road Murray Bridge SA 5253
Telephone: (08) 8532 8911
Facsimile: (08) 8532 8942

The Mobilong Prison accommodates medium and low security adult male prisoners.

Port Augusta Prison
Highway 1 Stirling North SA 5700
Telephone: (08) 8648 5400
Facsimile: (08) 8648 5490
Mount Gambier Prison
Benara Road Moorak SA 5291
Telephone: (08) 8723 8000
Facsimile: (08) 8723 8008
Adelaide Pre-Release Centre
Grand Junction Road Northfield SA 5085
Telephone: (08) 8343 0100
Facsimile: (08) 8343 0141

The Adelaide Pre-Release Centre is part of the Northfield Prison complex and consists of pre-release cottages for men.

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