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We facilitate free legal education sessions and workshops for young people, teachers, youth workers, and professionals working with young people. We deliver community legal education that is relevant and in a style appropriate to the needs of each group or organisation.

Our Legal Education Officer can work with you to tailor the session to suit your needs and ensure that the session is useful and relevant- where it be formal training for staff on legal issues, casual visits with groups of young people, presentations at schools, open floor discussions on any topic, or collaborative work within existing programs. We can work with young people directly, staff, adult learners, and people from diverse backgrounds.

Popular topics of our legal education sessions include how to access free legal help, young people and the law, sexual consent and sexual assault laws, filming offences and legal issues to do with sending sexually explicit images, youth justice system, interactions with police, drug and alcohol laws, weapons and assault, family law, consumer rights, criminal laws, young people and employment, Australian legal system, and many others.

In the financial year 2014/2015 we reached 5661 young people and workers directly through 180 legal education sessions and community liaisons. 

To enquire about a session, please contact Ella Pak Poy, Legal Education Officer, on or telephone (08) 8111 5647.