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click to watch the trusted moments trailerThe Commission has recently launched Trusted Moments, a short film for teenagers about risky behaviour.

Trusted Moments was developed by the Legal Services Commission to engage young people in education about the importance of consent and respect in relationships as a strategy for the prevention of sexual assault. As well as highlighting the legal implications of certain behaviours, the resource draws attention to the potential impact of these behaviours on personal relationships and whole communities.

Set at a 17th birthday party, the film draws attention to types of attitudes and behaviour patterns that can lead to sexual assault. It also highlights the inherent legal risks associated with using mobile phones for producing and sharing sexually explicit images of young people.

Trusted Moments is a free resource and DVDs are available for schools or organisations.

To view Trusted Moments or to discuss how your organisation or school may use this resource please contact Ella Pak Poy, Legal Education Officer, on (08) 8111 5647 or email


The film is supported by the Trusted Moments Study Guide. The Guide contains a number of resources including fact sheets that introduce young people to basic legal concepts to facilitate their participation in the learning activities suggested in the Guide.

To download the Study Guide please click here.




To download a one-page brief of the resource please click here.




To download a guide about free Trusted Moments workshops and integrating the resource into existing programs please click here.



As part of our Trusted Moments resource (please see below for how to access a free copy), we developed the following fact sheets:


Download our Consent fact sheet here.




Download our Sexualised Images and The Law fact sheet here.



Download our Sexual Assault fact sheet here.





 Download our Sexual Assault Law fact sheet here.



To download the Trusted Moments poster please click here  - or order additional copies online here.




Scan this QR code to view Trusted Moments trailer

Scan this QR code to view the Trusted Moments trailer



As part of the Trusted Moments early intervention program, organisations using the resource are able to book legal education workshops that explore in more detail the legal issues raised by the film. Facilitated by experienced legal education practitioners, the workshops provide a unique opportunity for schools, youth services and community organisations to engage young people and staff in early intervention education about laws dealing with sexual assault and other criminal offences.


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