Law for Community Workers

Looking for practical training about the law that's designed for community workers?

Running since 1989, Law for Community Workers has a practical focus on developing skills in identifying legal problems, providing legal information and assisting people to understand legal procedures.

All workshops are delivered by experienced lawyers practising in the field.

A recent student had this to say:

"Law for Community Workers was exactly what I needed for my job...There have been so many examples where the knowledge from the course has helped me working with clients."

The course is aimed at community workers or staff in agencies involved in direct client contact. Students need to be able to deal with legal concepts, be interested in legal issues and social justice, and have reliable internet access.

People from diverse backgrounds and those who work with disadvantaged groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Past students have worked in wide variety of areas including services for Aboriginal people, new migrants, people with a disability, young people, financial counselling, housing and family violence prevention.

The Training - In Brief
Topics Covered
Law Handbook
Frequently Asked Questions


Topics covered include

  • Introduction to the Austrailan Legal System (such as separation of powers, the court system, sources of law and using legal resources)
  • Introduction to Legal Assistance (such as giving legal information, making referrals for legal advice, assistance and representation and applying for legal aid)
  • Personal Decision-Making (such as advance directives, guardianship and consent to medical treatment)
  • Housing Law (such as tenancies and neighbourhood disputes)
  • Employment Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Credit and Debt Law
  • Family Violence (such as intervention orders and offences) and Child Protection
  • Family Law (such as children's matters, child support, separation, divorce and property division)
  • Social Security Law (such as welfare rights and appeals)
  • Criminal Law (such as arrest, bail, court process and sentencing)

All substantive topics will cover sources of law, using legal resources, giving legal information, where to refer for legal advice, assistance and/or representation, and where particular types of claims are lodged.


The main reference text is the Law Handbook, published by the Legal Services Commission.


The class is held at the Adelaide office of the Legal Services Commission, Level 3, 30 Flinders Street, Adelaide. All sessions are also available to guests who wish to connect via webcast.  Webcast guests are advised to download the GoToWebinar webcast player so as to fully automate the webcast connection process.


The sessions are free to attend. However bookings via our Eventbrite registration pages for each seminar so we can monitor demand on attendance.


To register your attendance view the LCW 2017 program page and book for a seminar or webcast here.


If you have any queries about the Law for Community Workers Course, contact  Paula Meegan, Legal Education Officer, 08 8111 5749 or email

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Who can apply?

The training is aimed at caseworkers and other staff involved in direct client contact. If you do not fit into this target group, you are encouraged to discuss your interest and suitability for the training with the Course Coordinator prior to enrolment.

How will it help me in my work?

This training will help you gain an understanding of the legal system, how to identify common legal problems your vulnerable clients may be experiencing, locate relevant information, and how to refer your clients to relevant legal and dispute resolution services.  

What texts are used?

Most refernced materials will be from the Law Handbook, which is produced by the Legal Services Commission and located at

What level of English proficiency is required?

It is essential that students can read and write in English to a level equivalent to Certificate III.

How much does the course cost?

The 2017 LSC course sessions are free to attend. 

When are classes held?

Classes are held each Thursday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm from August 3.


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